The deadline for submitting your notification of compliance with ESOS Phase 2 is 5 December 2019.  This is not so far away now and if you need to comply and have not yet done so you need to action this as soon as possible.  If you have not appointed a lead assessor yet then contact us for a copy of our scoping document so we can prepare a quote for you.

What is the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)?

ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme for organisations in the UK that meet the qualification criteria of 250 employees or 50 million euro (£39.4m) turnover.
ESOS covers energy used for buildings, transport and processes - there are a range of options available to achieve ESOS compliance from Display Energy Certificates to ISO 500001.
Qualifying businesses need to report by Dec 5th 2019 but as annual energy figures are required the sooner you can get started the better.
Please see detailed guidance from the government to find out if you qualify for ESOS and how to comply.

About us

ESOSA is able to offer the whole range of options required by the ESOS regulations, delivered by assessors with many years experience in their field. We can therefore ensure that you get the service that is most suitable for your business and achieve energy savings as well as compliance.

If you would like to find out more, please contact us.

Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

What is ESOS?
ESOS is not another carbon tax!
Penalties for not complying
How do I ensure I comply?
Who does what?
Our ESOS compliance service
Why use ESOSA
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What is ESOS?

An ESOS assessment is an audit of the energy used by the organisation in its buildings, industrial processes and transport in order to identify cost-effective energy saving measures. The UK Government established the ESOS Regulations 2014 to implement Article 8 (4-6) of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (2012/27/EU).

  • ESOS is a mandatory energy assessment scheme, a legal requirement administrated by the Environment Agency, which applies to all qualifying organisations in the UK.
  • An organisation qualifies for ESOS if it has either:
    • At least 250 employees or
    • €50 million (c.£37m)turnover and a balance sheet exceeding €43 million (c.£32m)
  • Organisations must notify the Environment Agency by the 5th December 2019 of their compliance with the Phase 2 ESOS obligations. Audits have to be carried out every 4 years.

ESOS is not another carbon tax!

Although undertaking an energy audit is now a matter of legal compliance, there's no reason to see it as yet another layer of red tape; it's a genuine opportunity for financial gain

  • By taking advantage of the ESOS process, rather than just doing the minimum required, it's possible to unlock quick and significant cost savings, turning it into a cash-positive process.
  • In any organisation, there are opportunities for fine-tuning and removing energy waste, which means you can use an ESOS audit to your financial advantage.
  • Quick action is required to enjoy in-year benefits from ESOS.
  • Make sure your in-house teams are fully aware of the importance of ESOS, understand the associated urgency and know what's needed to get started.

Penalties for not complying

The penalties for failing to comply with the ESOS regulations include:

  • Failure to maintain adequate records
    • £5,000 plus sum equivalent to compliance costs
  • Failure to notify the Environment Agency of compliance by 5th December 2019
    • £5,000 plus £500 per working day you remain in breach
  • Failure to conduct an ESOS assessment and energy audits
    • £50,000 plus £500 per working day you remain in breach;
  • False or misleading information
    • £50,000.
  • Reputational damage
    • In addition to the fines above, non-compliance will be published online, including the name of the organisation, along with details of the size of the penalty imposed.

How do I ensure I comply?

If the whole of your organisation is already ISO 50001 accredited and actively compliant, you do not need to carry out an ESOS assessment! You only need to notify the Environment Agency that you comply. If not, you must undertake an ESOS assessment led by an accredited ESOS Lead Assessor.

  • The Lead Assessor is responsible for ensuring the energy assessment is based on audits that are complete, appropriate, consistent and comprehensive
  • It is best practice to engage the Lead Assessor before audits are undertaken as they will help you determine:
    • the best approach to suit your own needs and ensure compliance
    • the methodology to be used
    • what needs to be audited, how and the amount of sampling that is appropriate
    • generally project manage the whole process and
    • produce the ESOS compliant report
      • An ESOS assessment must be signed off by both a Board level Director and approved by a Lead Assessor prior to reporting compliance to the Environment Agency.
      • A Lead Assessor will not simply rubber stamp an ESOS assessment at the end.

Who does what?

The table below lists the responsibilities of the company (ESOS participant) and our Lead Assessor and the actions each will carry out as part of the ESOS assessment.
Requirement/Action ESOS Participant Lead Assessor
Overall responsibility for compliance with ESOS
Highlight any audit work already undertaken
Agree audit methodology for new audits
Define scope of audits
Agree audit timetable
Agree sampling approach and the number of site visits required
Make available data for audit
Identify energy saving opportunities
Calculate energy/cost savings of measures identified using method agreed
Determine energy use profiles
Present audit(s) recommendations
Review overall ESOS Assessment
Obtain Director sign off of audit findings and recommendations
Notify the Environment Agency of compliance by the compliance date
Keep ESOS Evidence Pack to substantiate the audit findings & recommendations

Our ESOS Compliance Service

ESOSA have:

  • Lead Assessors who:
    • are accredited with one of the ESOS accreditation bodies
    • are highly experienced professional energy assessors
    • are also qualified in other relevant disciplines
    • can organise and manage the whole process including arranging for detailed energy audits where necessary and arrange the input of specialists if needed.
  • Energy assessors/auditors who:
    • are accredited non-domestic energy assessors and/or Green Deal Advisors
    • are also qualified in other relevant disciplines
We can either conduct the energy audits ourselves or oversee/approve assessments previously conducted or arranged through third parties. With many years of experience our assessors will ensure that your company is able to achieve full legal compliance with the ESOS regulations.

Why use ESOSA?

As an external consultant, it could be both time-effective and cost-effective to leave navigating this complex legislation to us:
  • Maximise cost savings
    • Our Lead Assessors can take your experience with ESOS beyond simple compliance, maximising cost savings and adding value to the process!
    • The greatest savings can be accrued through standardising metrics, in order to provide a baseline for league tabling - and a real means of comparison across similar buildings.
  • Time is money
    • It could take an in-house staff member many months to get to grips with ESOS making it a potential drain on resources and a distraction from your business!
  • Budget accurately
    • By quickly undertaking energy-saving upgrades that produce in-year benefit, an ESOS audit can be at least budget-neutral!

Ask for a quotation

To help us understand what your organisation is like and what your needs are, we will ask you complete an initial scoping questionnaire. This preliminary process will allow us to make an initial assessment of the audit requirements for your company and ensure that the assessment meets your needs, is compliant and cost effective. To start the process, please contact us on

Tel0780 5757 250 or


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ESOSA is a co-operation between individual members of Midlands Energy Professionals.

All quotes, contracts etc will be provided by the individual Lead Assessor.